The Stables

Dray & Shire at The Royal Oak




Cottage features

Central Location




"Sitting at the bottom of the High Street looking up into town, the cottage coukd not have een more central for shopping and sightseeing, and whatsmore, it is so easy to get into the neautiful countryside from here."

Comfortable Accommodation

bedroom up2

Pet Friendly



"We had a lovely holiday thank you and so did our pooch! And the kids loved your dogs Ron and Chloe"arch8 dog



Quality Linens




"I've not slept so well in a holiday cottage before - not sure if it was the über comfy bed or the Yorkshire air, but probably a mix of both!"

Modern Design





"We loved the mix of old and new and Lori's artwork really makes it so specail"


Historic Building






Wheelchair Friendly

wheelchair accessible



"we loved staying in this lovely cottage. Everything we needed and just right for wheelchair access. Thank you for being so helpful...will come again!"

Luxury Utilities




"We couldn't get the kids out of the hot tub! Never known them be so keen to have a bath!"

Every Convenience





"Such a well-equpped cottage, with high quality appliances

We were able to borrow the owner's own kitchen mixer to make a batch of cakes for our friends!"